Julia H. Majors, Ph.D.

Science Translator

Physicist, writer, and general cognitive excursionist.

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Hello and welcome! I’m a rather fresh blogger on a digital and cognitive adventure. I recently defended my Ph.D. in physics, and leaving academia felt as though the bridge I’d just crossed was collapsing behind me. The expansive, growing isolation of the “scientific community” is an increasingly heavy burden on the world population (and its efforts not to extinguish itself).

Without further ado, I’ll hop right up on my soap box, where much of my motivation to write and discuss science may be given some context:

Science is not “hard,” it’s intricate. I am not “super smart” simply because I’m a physicist (as often said by in-flight neighbors implying it’s an innate talent). I worked hard, for a long time, at thinking, learning, and understanding (to various degrees) things I think are cool. Like lasers. Lasers are awesome for so many reasons.

Nature, with whom we speak most directly using various dialects of Mathematics, has some killer stories to tell. She can answer all questions, too, as long they’re phrased such that we can both understand. We’ve had mishaps and misunderstandings along the way, but I am more in love with Nature than ever before. And damn it if she isn’t always right.

I’m a sillily serious physicist, which pretty much leaves everything on the table — as long as that table ultimately has legs of knowledge. I’ll discuss scientific thinking of any topics, the choices of which will be guided by feedback, through the stories they form.

I hope you to help build a more UIY (understand it yourself), DIT (do it together) community as we venture into the future. (Amended 4/2016) To this end, I can be found most Tuesday and Thursday (east coast) evenings hosting a Periscope-broadcasted chat about physics of various kinds. If I mention posting relevant links to this site, they can be found here.