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My goal is to make the time spent broadcasting as fun, informative, and useful as possible those that watch. Please feel free to email the address on the About page with questions or comments. The majority of my broadcasts can be viewed with their comments on my page.

There is a #ScopeSci Facebook group! It’s still small, but a great way to interact with each other and ask (or answer) questions.

Links relevant to recent broadcast topics:

Congratulations to LIGO and their detection of gravitational waves!

Here is an incredibly cool (albeit rather “CSI-esque”) video showing the simulation of the event causing the waves detected by the LIGO experiement: (More links below the video)


Download the Physical Review Letters (PRL) journal article for yourself.

Check out Deanna’s awesome cosmology blog, A Cup of Cosmology .


#FractalFridays topics covered:

  • Intro (7/24)
  • Biology (7/31) Baobab tree info!
  • Music (8/14) (Switched due to traveling restrictions!)
  • Art (8/21) – Paper fractal art instructions for you to enjoy
  • Architecture (8/28)
    • A paper discussing the art and structure of Penrose tiling.
    • Wikipedia’s brilliant page on the topic.
    • Peter Lu’s page on quasicrystals in Middle Eastern architecture.
  • Architecture part II – Penrose tiling cont’d
    • Make your own! Here is a template I made for you to print and cut out your own!
  • Humans (9/11) A pdf from (although it could use a few more citations)
  • Physics (of course) (9/18/2015) The article that sparked my interested in the “Hofstadter butterfly.”

This is a brilliant pdf overview of fractals I found at It has wonderful explanations, examples, and visualizations. All as a free download!


How to make your iPhone into a microscope! This is a much fancier version of what I showed, so I will make my own set of quick-hack instructions based on the show, which you can replay on my page for the time being.

“Magnetic Wormhole” paper discussed the week of August 24, 2015:

Baloney detection kit, as summarized by Maria Popova on her great site, Brain Pickings

June 5, 2015:

The full TED talk by Bonnie Bassler entitled, “How Bacteria Talk”  here.

Two other talks I mentioned liking on this broadcast: here and (although I confused the content a bit) here.

June 1, 2015:

The video I had hoped to show…

A very nice site describing black body radiation, with pictures! Link Here.


From #Episcope 9:

The line spectra of different elements (their distinctive “fingerprint” of light colors emitted – not reflected or scattered) look something like these:


Sodium (Na) emits mostly yellow light, and why older street lamps (made using Na) have a yellowish hue to the eye.

From #Episcope 7:

Sometimes you’re not IN traffic, you ARE traffic: Traffic Waves

Viewer recommendation: Traffic – Why We Drive The Way We Do, Tom Vanderbilt

From #Episcope 5/6:

This dashing fellow is Nikola Tesla:


The war of the currents! (mentioned briefly after a special lab tour)



Episcope #4 (batteries, Tesla’s Powerwall, etc..)

Tesla Powerwall official site

Charging and memory effects of batteries (Wikipedia page)

General Battery Tech (Wiki) page


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