Testing, Testing, 1.23

“Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

– Carl Sagan

I’m here to discuss the scientific concepts, hidden by the thick weeds of technical jargon, and tell their stories through the lives they ultimately shape and form.

While I learn the ropes around here, the first stories I tell will be those that have shaped my life. They require the least additional research and, especially in the interest of common understanding, context is everything.

With every new venture comes a brand new set of unexpected obstacles, locked in the catapult and ready to hurl directly into your path. Well, little Mr. PHP, I may not have known what kind of trouble you could get me into with that pesky MySQL, or why, but I thank you (and my wonderful friend, Scott!)  for the valuable lessons.

Measure twice, cut once. You have to go slow to go fast.

Coming up… A host of site structure updates to catch up with the cool kids, an archive of the site’s original material, and most importantly:

Stories of lasers, love, and how to tell the difference between stubbornness and conviction.